Causes of cosmetic tattoo colour change

laser hair removal painfulThere are many factors that can change the colour of your cosmetic tattoo. And we’ve listed these during the healing process and post the healing process.

Cosmetic tattoo colour change during the healing process

Changes in the cosmetic tattoo colour during the tattoo healing process can be caused by any of the following factors:

  • For a lip tattoo, avoid smoking during the healing process, as the cigarette paper can pull away some of the colour
  • Swimming in a pool or in the sea, as the salt water or chlorine can have a negative effect on the tattoo colouring during the healing process.
  • The aftercare instructions not being following correctly
  • Any scabs over the tattoo being forcefully removed
  • The area was touched by fingers shortly after the tattoo was applied
  • Skin lightening products used during healing can also have a negative effect on the colour

Cosmetic tattoo colour change after the healing process

Fading of the cosmetic tattoo colour is to be expected to a certain extent during the first couple of months and will continue to fade over time usually between 2-4 years. The following factors can accelerate the fading process:

  • Use of skin lightening products
  • Sunburn
  • Taking new medication or changing medication

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