Eyebrow tattoo myths

eyebrow tattooThere are some myths surrounding the eyebrow tattoo procedure that we want to address.

MYTH 1. Eyebrow tattoo are unnatural

A lot has changed since eyebrow tattooing became the trend. Eyebrow tattoo or feather-touch brow art is a much more natural tattoo technique. Feathering is a technique that involves tattooing tiny, hair-like strokes to create the desired shape, achieving symmetry and fullness without looking harsh or tattooed.

MYTH 2. Eyebrow tattoo lasts forever

Cosmetic tattooing is actually referred to as semi-permanent makeup, so let me assure you, it doesn’t last forever, they fade away and require touch ups. Everyone’s skin holds pigment differently, but if you’re getting your eyebrows done you can expect the results to last anywhere from one to two years. The pigment used for cosmetic tattooing is different to the one used in body art, because facial skin is far more delicate than other skin.

MYTH 3. Eyebrow tattoo is painful

Eyebrow tattooing is a very strange and slightly uncomfortable sensation. Ensure your tattoo artist has applied the right numbing cream beforehand. At Helios Laser Studio, Melbourne Cosmetic Tattoo, we create an atmosphere where all client’s comfort is paramount. Before the commencement of the treatment, we use a topical anaesthetic to completely numb the area getting tattooed. While this should definitely do the trick, it is important to remember everyone’s pain threshold is different. Just like any other beauty treatment, let your tattoo artist know if you need a break or are feeling any discomfort.

MYTH 4. You’ll be hiding for days

Cosmetic tattoos doesn’t result in any bruises or wounds. Following the procedure you can expect a little bit of redness and swelling, but this will die down relatively quickly.

MYTH 5. People who have cosmetic tattoos are fake

This statement is definitely not true. The majority of my clients are time-poor professionals who are merely wanting to cut down their morning beauty regime.

Going for a really natural-looking tattoo is key here, so make sure you look up examples of your tattoo artist’s work before you commit. We invite you to call us on 03 9041 5507 or email us at info@helioslaserstudio.com.au to book in your FREE, no obligation consultation today.

As first published on Melbourne Cosmetic Tattoo website.