Paramedical cosmetic tattooing treatments are wonderful things

Paramedical cosmetic tattooing treatments are wonderful things

burn-victim-cometic-tattooTattoos are wonderful things. They can be beautiful, meaningful, an expression of identity or freedom, even permanent makeup.

Anyone who has serious scars — especially on their face — knows how challenging it can be to hide them. Painful reconstructive surgeries don’t always work, makeup can look fake, and the colour of the scar doesn’t necessarily blend with your complexion’s hue.

At Helios Laser Studio, we can help camouflage scars, burns, vitiligo, and more with permanent pigment that matches the natural skin tone by tattooing areas of pigment to make them blend in with the natural skin tone.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup

This procedure works very well for burn victims because it helps to camouflage the scars on their skin.
Typically, when the skin is burned, it turns a white-like color that is significantly lighter than the other areas of the skin. This is referred to us hypopigmentation. Since micropigmentation involves implanting pigment that matches your specific skin tone, it helps to restore the scarred area and bring out your natural beauty.
While this procedure may not remove your scarring completely, it will bring enough of your natural coloring to the scar area to make it barely noticeable to others.

Since this is a semi -permanent procedure, it eliminates the need for you to apply make-up every day and can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes you to get ready in the morning. This procedure is also very safe and effective if performed by a licensed cosmetologist.


As first published on Melbourne Cosmetic Tattoo website.