Laser hair removal safety concerns addressed

Safety Concerns Addressed With Laser Hair Removal Specialist Nola Mougos

Laser hair removal is a safe process when being treated by a reputable studio and when both the client and the laser technician follow the proper pre and post treatment precautions.

At Helios Laser Studio, we provide the best laser hair removal with the most up to date medical grade technology available. Laser Hair Removal has become the No.1 method for hair removal as it offers permanent hair free results. Bumps, nicks and cuts caused by shaving and waxing are all a thing of the past!

In summer we tend to wear more revealing clothes, which means we want to be hair free but it’s important to know that laser-treated skin must be protected from the sun while having laser hair removal. Why?

When having Laser Hair Removal performed the light of the laser is attracted to the dark pigment in the hair follicle, destroying it so that it never grows back. If the skin in the area being treated is tanned, burning or discoloration may occur as the laser will also be attracted to the dark pigment in the skin caused by tanning.

So if you’ve currently having laser hair removal performed and you still want to tan but not sure what to do come and see one of our medically trained and highly qualified therapists who are on hand to provide the best advice for what’s appropriate for your skin and hair type. With their professional assessment, and experience with thousands of patients, they’ll know how tanning will affect you both before and after laser hair removal treatment.

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